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If you ask me what I do, I'm a facilitator in a range of different spaces. I'm passionate about people moving through transformative experiences to be proud of who they are and discovering how they can make a positive difference in the world. 

This includes being a yoga teacher who shows up for students every week to explore an embodied practice together with the aim of cultivating greater awareness and acceptance of human nature. My working week also involves bringing my expertise to trauma-informed environments where I support and empower people who have gone through difficult life experiences to refind their connection with themselves, to be able to navigate their world with greater ease.

I choose a few projects each year to focus on creativity as an expression of my skills through directing theatre, where I work collaboratively to present ideas and questions I believe are important for everyone.

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My Story

Now in my late thirties, life has taken many twists and turns, for which I am grateful. I am continually learning the ever changing nature of things and enjoy new challenges as a form of growth, being able to bring a wealth of experience to the table; my skills are a result of applying myself with full commitment, whatever the task.

My grandfather told me to "love what you do" and so my portfolio career speaks to this, with the overall aim of social change for the better; starting with a background in Law, followed by working in the charity sector, exploring how to create change creatively through community and performance has made up much of my working life.

Since my early career as an actor and as a drama teacher for young people, I've spent years developing skills in training, coaching, faciliation, fundraising and project management. 

Finding my passion in directing theatre allowed me to work with creative teams on the Fringe, in Universities and London Drama Schools to create performances for audiences to engage in social and moral discussions on how we can live in the world with more compassion and understanding.

Much of my experience in theatre lies in devising, research and development and in directing new writing.

For 7 years I worked part time at St Mungo's, a UK charity focused on ending homelessness.This included management of a project; empowering people to facilitate personal development courses with their peers, coproducing festivals, influencing organisational ways of working and engaging on social issues with senior management, as well as local and national government. I also worked across the organisation as an Involvement and Inclusion coordinator; learning and developing new ways of ensuring that elevating equity and respecting diversity is embedded in the working culture.

In 2022 at Goldsmiths University I directed third year graduate devised musical called ‘Cabaret of Secrets’, based on the music of Kurt Veil and in 2023 two Research and Development stages of the play ‘Pit Girls’ in collaboration with Chapter Arts in Cardiff and The London Welsh Centre. Both projects focusing on voices of the oppressed and promoting diverse experiences in theatre.

From 2021-2024 I worked as the London Manager for UK charity The Choir with No Name, who create opporunties for people with experience of marginalisation and homelessness to sing together. This furthered my project management skills in running weekly rehearsals with a large team of volunteers and most importantly showcasing the talents of the community in spectacular performances, as well as providing support with peoples daily struggles within institutions and systems that are difficult to navigate and overcome.


Since 2006 practicing yoga has been a way to maintain my own wellbeing and supported my career choices. I began teaching in 2017 and found a path that encourages me to keep training and learning, of finding home within.

Recently this has become a prominent focus of my work; teaching hot yoga, vinyasa and yin yoga in London studios, 121 clients, online and for charities and community centres where I teach a gentle style of yoga that is accessible to all and trauma-informed.

I also teach on retreats in India, learning from South Asian teachers to honour the roots of the practice. For me, yoga is more than just a physical practice of moving our bodies. It is a spiritual practice which invites historical and personal enquiry, subtle body awareness (working with energy), philosphical teachings, reflection, discussion and action. It is an ongoing process of understanding how to interact with kindness and cultivate joy in a world that can feel beautiful and difficult at the same time.

Studying the history and philosophy of yoga has led me to teaching this in teacher training courses, to bring a greater appreciation and wider spectrum of practice that enables people to better understand the context of what they practice today and how to develop discernment and enquiry.

Through chanting mantra (a tool for protecting and freeing the mind) as a meditative practice I have found a greater sense of grounding and ways to open my heart. I share this through sound in workshops with traditional instruments including singing bowls, harmonium, the Bodhrån (Irish drum) and chanting to bring the joy of singing and using voice for people to connect with their own hearts and to bring a sense of calm through meditation. 

A few words on what is important to me:

Drinking tea

People smiling

Hearts crossing boundaries


Openness to change

Listening to the wind

And to peoples stories

Nuturing loving kindness

Taking time to slow down in busy lives

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